MSSW631 Foster Child Biopsychosocial Assessment and Intervention

MSSW 631 SC Foster Child Biopsychosocial Assessment and Intervention
Part One: The Biopsychosocial
This assessment report should be a maximum of 6 pages. The subject of the report can be a client seen in the field practicum or assigned as a case study. The client’s name and all other identifying information, including the agency and name of the city must be disguised. This report should be double spaced and should follow the template provided below titled “Outline for Adult Bio-Psychosocial Assessment Report.” Each section of part one should be written in paragraph form (except for Recommendations).
There may be items in the “Past Personal” section of this report that you do not have the information to complete.
Do your best. Because this is an educational exercise, please complete these items with information that you believe to be most accurate.

Part Two: The Intervention
This is a 3 to 4-page application of a specific practice model/theory/approach that illuminates the client’s presenting problem, and suggests to the reader what might be done in an intervention to reduce or eliminate the presenting problem. Part Two should conform to APA standards.
? Include at least two references to describe the model/theory/approach you selected.
? The client’s problem(s), strengths, and vulnerabilities should be described, using the terms, concepts and language of the social work profession and the model/theory/approach you are using.
? Share your hypothesis regarding why the model/theory/approach you selected will be appropriate and effective in working with this client. Your hypothesis should be supported by a reasoned argument which can be supported through the inclusion of brief behavioral examples.

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