Narrative Essay Fatma Algobbi Professor Rodrigues ENG 101 12…

Narrative Essay
Fatma Algobbi
Professor Rodrigues
ENG 101
12 February 2023
Narrative Essay
Libyan War
In 2011 there was a revolution in my homeland country, It started in the eastern cities then it moved up to the North and West. Most civilians were very excited to change the country’s authoritarian ruler Muammar Gaddafi. In the wake of the Arab Spring and after 40 years of dictator rule, finally, Libya people decided to confront those rules. We were hoping for a new start that gives everyone equity, liberty, democracy, and peace. Thousands of people protested, and they didn’t expect what they were going to face. As the demonstration turned violent, some soldiers joined rebel organizations opposed to the government, while others remained obedient to it.
The opposition to Muammar Gaddafi’s dictatorship in Libya was supported by the international community. However, the aspirations for democracy and stability have not yet materialized.
I believe every country must have the right to choose its government and vote again after a certain period. Democracy is the only way they can prevent governments from taking control of a country for decades regardless of whether it is a good authority or not. Hence, people should vote and build a law system that can ensure their dignity and save their lives as well. If there was constitution-enforced voting, it would be that many people I knew were still alive. I watched many people suffering; elderly people screaming in pain, injured children looking into their father’s eyes for help, and people in need of healthcare but there was none available due to the war. I felt helpless. I wanted to help, but the only thing I could do was to donate blood, in hopes of saving somebody’s life. Luckily, I was able to escape Libya with my husband and children, coming to America in 2012. Unfortunately, Libya is still unstable, and it needs a very long time to heal.
Before concluding, I consider myself lucky because I’m here with my family. However, I still think of those who couldn’t better their lives due to the instability of the country and they are still suffering. I don’t know why not all countries have a system that makes people able to elect their authorities. I hope the pain goes away and we can see all people from all the world live in harmony.

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