Net Pay questions using the PDOC (Payroll Deductions Online…

Net Pay questions using the PDOC (Payroll Deductions Online Calculator) All pay dates are June 17, 2022
Joe Caputo works for Ontario Steel Corp., in Toronto, as a supervisor and is paid an annual salary of $85,000.00 bi-weekly. Joe receives 4% vacation pay on each pay. He has claim codes of 1.
The organization pays 100% of the cost of the employees’ group term life insurance coverage. The premium for his life insurance is $.42 per $1000.00, adding provincial sales tax. He also receives a flat amount of $ $20.00 per week for his gas while conducting company business. He is a member of the registered pension plan and contributes 5% of his base salary to the plan each pay period. He also contributes $25.00 per pay to his company union.

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