Nutr (h) nutrition in news

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Let’s face it, today we are bombarded with information. The question is whether or not this information is reliable or accurate. It is important to be discerning when it comes to health information, and whether or not it is information that is scientifically sound.
Your Tasks
You will search news outlets (CNBC, Fox, CNN, Vox, Science Daily, NPR, etc.) for one article related to nutrition. You must provide a link to the article in the write-up! (1 point)
You will then address the following:
Describe the findings from the article. (10 points)
1 point will be deducted if it does not come from a news source. Here is an example of something that DOES NOT count as a news article Links to an external site..
Does the information in the article align with basic nutrition principles? Why or why not? (5 points)
Is the story reporting the results of a single study? Or is the article based on evidence from multiple studies? (1 point)
Was there a study design mentioned? If yes, what was the study design Links to an external site.? (1 point)
Did the study mention how many people participated in the study? If so, how large was the study’s sample size (# of participants)? (1 point)
Answers must be written in complete sentences. (1 point)
Requirements: | .doc file

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