“On the one hand, they [the Humanities] are nonscientific, have…

“On the one hand, they [the Humanities] are nonscientific, have little to do (at least directly) with business or economics, and they are not part of physical education or sports, either. On the other hand, though, they can deeply affect these more practical sides of life by informing how we think and express ourselves and how we anticipate and deal with change.”
1. Place the quote at the top of your post.
2. Paraphrase the quote in your words and mention briefly how it relates to the point of the entire reading. Please see tips on paraphrasing here.
3. Discuss how it relates to your relationship with the Humanities in your everyday life OR why you disagree with something in the quote.
4. Use at least one or two specific examples from your life or our culture to illustrate your points.
5. Use at least one additional quote from any of this week’s Required Readings in your discussion in your discussion.
6. Remember to use at least two quotes (one for step #1 and one for step #2) from the Required Learning Resources. Make sure to provide in-text citations for both quotes in MLA format.
7. Provide references for all sources in MLA format.

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