other writing question and need guidance to help me learn. Interview preparation is similar to

other writing question and need guidance to help me learn.

Interview preparation is similar to speech preparation – the more you do, the higher your chance for success. Interview preparation requires the interviewee to anticipate questions the interviewer will ask, and be prepared with well crafted answers that make you shine!
This three-part written assignment will help you prepare for many situations that require you to “sell” yourself, including interviews, program admissions, promotions, etc.
1) PROVE IT CHART: Self – exploration! Think about your best qualities, skills and abilities. Then think about things you have done in the past, experiences in your personal, academic or jobs – that really show you have the skills and abilities you list. This is not an easy task, but it is personally meaningful, and something that will help you sell yourself in an interview for a job, program, school, group – anytime you have to answer questions about yourself!
2) FIND AN POSITION: Look through an employment website, such as Indeed.com, LinkedIn.com, and Careerbuilder.com, to find a position you might be interested in when you graduate. Review the qualities they are looking for, the job requirements, etc.
3) ANSWER COMMON INTERVIEW QUESTIONS: Answer the 10 common interview questions on the worksheet by incorporating the skills and Prove It! examples from the first assignment. Think about what you would like an interviewer to know about your that will make you the best candidate for the job. Be specific and use specific examples that show you are what you say you are!
USE THIS INFORMATION TO PREPARE FOR MOCK INTERVIEWS! Share your responses to the common interview questions during our class!
What’s an interview?
Types of interviews
Interview skills = life skill
Career/job search
Selection interviews
Interview Preparation
Identify your skills / abilities & Prove It!
Common interview questions
SPE 101; Professor Rosen

An interview is a question and answer situation with two or more people. There is an interviewer(s), who usually leads procedures and is prepared with questions to obtain answers. There is an interviewee, who provides information by answering questions. There are many different types of interview situations, including:
*Counseling/therapy sessions *Medical/Health situations
*Police interrogations *Lawyers/Legal situations
*College Interviews *Employment/Promotions/Informational interviews
While the employment interview is one of the most common interview situations for students, there are many other situations where you may find you have to “sell” yourself to obtain a job, a college acceptance, get into a particular program, club, team, etc.
In an interview, the interviewer’s goal is to determine if the applicant’s skills, qualities, strengths and interests match the requirements of the job, program, college, etc. The interviewee’s goal is to PROVE they are the best candidate by COMMUNICATING skills qualities, strengths and interests.
Through a series of questions, an interviewee might be asked about:
*Education – past, present and future plans *Certifications and professional licenses (i.e., CPR)
*Work experience / responsibilities & skills acquired *Technical/computer/specialized equipment skills
*Extra-curricular activities and positions held *Volunteer experience
*Professional Associations *Language skills
It is the interviewee’s responsibility to be prepared to share both the following “hard” and “soft/transferrable” skills about themselves (in relation to the requirements) to distinguish themselves from other candidates. Discover your:
*Future plans and interests (career, academic and personal)
*Anything else you want an interviewer to know about you
Hard Skills examples:
*Computer/technological skills – Microsoft Office, Excel, social media platforms
*Proficient on a register; process cash and credit card transactions
*Customer service experience/Meet and greet customers
*Responsible for organizing merchandise and keeping store presentable
*Supervised children ages 2 – 7 at summer camp/or babysitting/ or volunteering at Sunday school
Soft/transferable skills examples:
Task skills:
Skills you have developed, such as:
*Time management *Completing assignments/meeting deadlines
*Organized *Preparing equipment/set up work areas
*Teamwork *Research/writing capabilities
*Leadership *Supervising young children; Leading class projects
Personal attributes or characteristics examples: Aspects that may be important to an employer:
*Works well with others *Dependable, friendly, respectful, helpful
*Honest *Asks questions
*Enthusiastic *Hard working, independent worker
*Good listener, Asks Questions *Follows directions and rules
RECOGNIZE IT: Once you RECOGNIZE your skills, abilities and characteristics, it’s important to be able to communication what skills you have, PROVE that you have them by explaining a time when you demonstrated this trait in a past situation, and then RELATE it to some of the important qualities the interviewer is seeking.
For example, many people will state they are “hardworking and responsible” in an interview. How can you really prove you are hardworking and responsible? It is important to prove that you have these traits by providing real examples of situations in your past academic, professional or personal life that shows proof you demonstrate these traits.
Next, it’s important to relate these skills with a potential position, program, school. Review the qualification to see what skills and abilities the interviewer might be looking for, and be sure to state how your skills/abilities will fit with what they are looking for.
INTERVIEWER ASKS: “What makes you a good candidate for this position/program?”
INTERVIEWEE #1 ANSWERS: “I am hard-working and dedicated.”
INTERVIEWEE #2 ANSWERS: “I am a hard-working and dedicated person. Not only do I attend Rockland Community College full time, I have maintained a 3.5 GPA. I also work a part-time job at Store ABC, working over 20 hours per week. I am always on time and have been told I am a valuable employee. I know these traits are important for the position of a Nursing Assistant, as hard work and dedication are qualities every nurse should have to be successful with the patients and co-workers in any situation.”
Complete the PROVE IT following chart:
1) RECOGNIZE IT and write down characteristics about your self
2) PROVE IT with a real example that demonstrates you really have this trait or characteristic
3) RELATE IT to the job description you print out for the interview assignment (see attached assignment page)
Who are you? Whether you are considering career paths, compiling your resume or preparing for an interview, knowing what skills you possess, how you have used or demonstrated these skills, and how they can relate to your desired job and/or company is key to interview success!
The next page is a PROVE IT! Chart for you to complete. It’s not as simple as it may seem… you really need to think about who you are and what you have to offer.
Column 1:
List the skills, qualities and abilities you have to offer an employer, program or group/club you would like to join. These come from lots of sources: school work/projects, paid and unpaid employment, travel, summer experiences, family responsibilities, etc. No matter who you are, how old you are, or how much experience you have, you have skills, abilities and qualities unique to you and your experiences!
Check out the Additional Resources link INTERVIEW TIPS for some great suggestions about skills, qualities and abilities.
Column 2:
Describe specific experiences and things you have done to PROVE and demonstrate you truly have these skills.
For example, anyone (and everyone) can say they are hardworking when asked to describe themselves. An effective interviewee would not only say they are hardworking, but prove it with an example, such as “I am a very hardworking individual. When I was at Rockland Community College, I was taking 5 classes, working part time over 20 hours per week, and volunteering at my church and food pantry. I managed my time well and was able to get all A’s and B’s in my classes.”

BLACKBOARD: You may type directly into this document, save as a pdf, and submit on Blackboard in WRITE SUBMISSION, OR type your answers on a separate document and submit into WRITE SUBMISSION.

GO TO INDEED.COM OR ANY JOB POSTING WEBSITE (except Craig’s List). Search for career/job positions you may consider (I.e., marketing, banking, nursing, teacher). REVIEW the job descriptions, responsibilities and qualifications required for these positions, and any information about the company.
For this assignment, pick one open position description that looks interesting – one you could possibly interview for within the next 5 years.
Use that position description to complete PART A.
Review your PROVE IT! Chart answers, the Interview Tips document on Blackboard, and the class discussion sessions/slides.
WRITE thoughtful answers to the 10 common interview questions below that will reflect the skills and qualifications you want an interviewer to know about you. Include detailed examples to PROVE what you are sharing. Imagine you will be interviewing for this open position.
PRACTICE verbalizing your answers.
BE PREPARED to participate in a Collaborate mock interview!
Company: ______________________________________________________________________________
Job Title: _______________________________________________________________________________
Most important responsibilities/qualifications for this position are:
1) _____________________________________________________________________________________
2) _____________________________________________________________________________________
3) _____________________________________________________________________________________
PART 3 – COMMON INTERVIEW QUESTIONS – Write detailed answers and Prove It!
Tell me about yourself… (a tricky question! Relate your answer to the job and think of 3 things an employer would want to know about you.)
What school are you currently attending? What are your educational goals?
What school subjects do you like most? (and why?)
Why are you a good candidate for this position? (What do you offer that exceeds the other candidates also interviewing for this position?)
Tell me about an accomplishment you are proud of and why.

What are your strengths? What do you consider a weakness?
Tell me about a difficult situation you faced and how you handled it.
Did you like your last job? Why are you/did you leave? (be careful with this answer!)
Why do you want to work for _________ Company?
Where do you see yourself in 5 years? (relate to career, not personal!)
Find 100 interview questions at:

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