PAPER: Justification of choosing your Topic as final Project…

PAPER: Justification of choosing your Topic as final Project
SUBJECT: MIS 500 Management Information Systems

Justification for Topic:
The first challenge is to choose an engaging research topic, which “completes” half of your work.
Choose a topic that captures the attention your interest. The research process will be more intriguing if you are passionate about your issue. Make your topic as easy to understand as possible. If your topic is too broad and you become inundated with information, your ability to focus will suffer. You may discover that completing some background research assists you in selecting a topic and defining its parameters. Examine the directions for choosing a topic for your assignment. Seek help from coworkers, knowledgeable folks, or professionals. Review the lecture notes and required texts to refresh your recollection about the course and assignment.
Inform a friend about your ambitions to study. He or she may be able to draw your focus back to your problem by bringing up concepts that had previously escaped your mind.
Consider the questions Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How.
What motivated you to select this exact topic?
What attracts your attention to it?
Do you have any ideas about the fundamental causes of the problem?
Who wrote the material on this subject {if you using any case studies, published article(s)}?
Who knows who might be eager to disseminate the details?
Whose life is impacted by the subject?
Do you have any knowledge of any similar institutions or organizations?
What are the most important questions about this topic?
Is there a discussion going on about it?
Are there a variety of topics and points of view to consider?
Is your topic of local, national, or worldwide significance?
Is the topic having an effect in any specific locations?
Is this a problem from the past or a problem from the present?
Do you want to compare your topic to different eras?
What is your expectation from this Research?

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