PART ONE: RITE A 300 WURD discussion these are the instructions for…

PART ONE: RITE A 300 WURD discussion
these are the instructions for the discussion:

Mostly everyone would agree that pollution is undesirable. But cleaner environment requires higher production costs and a lower level of output. It is difficult though to measure the value on the health, environmental, and aesthetic benefits resulting from a cleaner environment. The health effects associated with the release of various chemicals into the air or water are often not fully understood. While the relationship between carbon dioxide emissions and global warming is the subject of a great deal of scientific speculation and study, precise measurements of the expected environmental damage are not yet available. It is also not easy to place a value on the aesthetic pleasure that individuals may experience knowing that the air and water surrounding them is cleaner. The energy giant Royal Dutch Shell have reached its oil production peak in 2019. Now the company’s focus now is on shifting to renewables and reducing its carbon footprint through green technologies.
Did you know that veryday household items such as toothpaste, shaving foam, deodorant, perfume and furniture polish contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that cause pollution? VOCs react with sunlight to form ozone pollution. This escapes into the environment and gets trapped in our house or apartment, causing pollution in our homes. VOCs interact with other chemicals to form tiny particles in the air causing health problems. Define the term externalities. Discuss the negative externalities of highly productive metropolitan areas, such as pollution and congestion. Discuss pros and cons of anti-pollution regulations and recycling.
On a good note, NASA finds that COVD-19 has drastically reduced China’s air pollution due to closing factories and reduced number of cars on the road.What effect did Covid-19 had on the United States pollusion levels?
Companies and scientists are working together to move away from plastic as it has been a big problem for the environment and a deadly threat to wildlife and humans for decades. It takes hundreds of years for plastic to break down. Recently scientists have developed a form of biodegradable, compostable plastic. The process involves embedding polyester-eating enzymes into the plastic during the production process. When these enzymes are exposed to heat and water, they eat away at the plastic and reduce it to lactic acid. This provides nutrients for the soil when composted. Another initiative comes from Coca-Cola. The company ranked as the world’s number one plastic polluter in 2019 and decided to make a switch to paper bottles. What other initiatives do you know about or can propose to increase the quality of air, water and life?

rite 300 wurd discussion
Are you interested in the economy? How important is the economic situation in your daily life? Do you think it is important to be knowledgable about the economy? What do you think are the main economic problems in the world today? Do you think changes in the economy are predictable? What is your main concern about the US economy? What would you do to help the situation?

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