Performance evaluation Give a performance evaluation to each of the programs. Example (Balance Scorecard, Outcome

Performance evaluation
Give a performance evaluation to each of the programs. Example (Balance Scorecard, Outcome evaluation)
Program 1:
Community Integration Project
The Community Integration Project aims to assist people with newly acquired disabilities in adapting to their housing and daily living needs. It offers two apartments designed with fully-accessible washrooms and kitchens, which are available for occupancy up to 6 months. During staying, clients can also have support and services including:
· Temporary housing at St. George’s place and assistance securing permanent housing.
· Professional rehabilitation management focused on the individual’s goals and assistance accessing rehabilitation services.
· Help identifying the individual’s network of community supports
· Transitional support for the transfer from rehabilitation to independent housing.
· Assistance developing necessary skills to hire and monitor personal attendants.
CIP has helped almost 100 individuals since the project launched in 1999. The funding for the project is from Vancouver Coastal Health and generous donors. In 2018, Care BC partnered with the Individualized Funding Resource Centre Society (IFRC Society) and has transferred the responsibilities for CIP to the society.
Program 2:
Family Respite Centre
The Family Respite Centre (FRC) serves as both an activity daycare and overnight stay centre for seniors. Its purpose is to allow the caregivers of disabled seniors a break while staff at the FRC take on their roles. The activity day care services provide communal transportation for seniors if needed. Once the clients are at the FRC, they engage in activities such as: morning exercise, lunch, and leisure activities. The overnight centre clients provide resting accommodation, in which clients may stay for one night or a couple of weeks. In the morning they join the day clients in the same activities. For both clients, day and night, medication, if need be, is administered by a registered vancouver coastal health nurse. Clients are not allowed to bring in and take their own medication as liability falls to the FRC. Instead, the client’s prescriptions are sent to partnered pharmacists who distribute the drugs to the FRC nurses. Maximum occupany for the overnight centre is 10 clients at one time. In order to qualify for the overnight program, staff meet and interact with the new customers before they are able to stay.
Program 3:
Meals on Wheels
Meals on wheels (MOW) is a program that delivers hot, nutritious meals to seniors, and individuals with medical conditions or illness to their apartment or homes. MOW is a partnership with Mava Foods which provides and prepares food to Meals on Wheels. There are different varieties of meals that the senior can pick from for their own preference. MOW is delivered by volunteers through Monday to Friday. Every Volunteer has a brief description of the client to give the volunteer enough information about the client, so there will be no misunderstanding.

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