PHIL250 Week 7 Role of the Internet in Undermining Human Right

PHIL 250 BSC WK 7 Role of the Internet in Undermining Human Right Violations Discussion
After incorporating peer and instructor feedback, submit your final Portfolio Project to the following Institutional Outcome in your ePortfolio.Use the following naming convention:
PHIL250 – Portfolio Project.
Relational Learning – Transfer knowledge, skills and behaviors acquired through formal and informal learning and life experiences to new situations.
Discuss how the philosophical principles that you have learned in this course, especially as they relate to critical thinking skills, are a critical component to one’s development personally, professionally, and educationally. Use at least one scholarly research source that directly backs up your thesis using full APA standards at the end of your essay.
Discuss how lack of self-knowledge and self-confidence makes you or others you know more vulnerable to fallacious reasoning. Use specific examples showcasing what you have learned from this course to demonstrate how you would solve a common problem you would experience in the workplace with critical thought applied to your decision making and fallacious reasoning would stand in your way .
We often think of science as limited to specific disciplines like biology, chemistry, and physics, but in truth it is as much an approach to thinking as it is a separate area of study. We are all scientists when we apply a certain method of problem solving to the world around us. Anytime we approach a problem by identifying that problem, developing a hypothesis about the problem, gathering additional information about the problem, testing the hypothesis, and finally evaluating the results, we are practicing science. Think of a problem that you have encountered in your academic or professional life and explain how the application of the scientific method has solved that problem.

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