Pick out a specific fracture or orthopedic surgery to highlight….

Pick out a specific fracture or orthopedic surgery to highlight. Consider the following in your post. (How does it happen, how do you fix it, how long is recovery, what specific bones/muscles could be involved, what are possible complications, is it common, etc). As with the other DB posts please make sure you pick out a unique topic and you may post your topic to hold it while you compose your answer. Length: Initial post must be at least three paragraphs and needs to have proper grammar and citing. Additional Sources: Must reference at least 2 sources. Cannot include: spinal fusion surgery, Comminuted Fracture, ACL Reconstruction Surgery, spinal fusionDur, ACL Reconstruction Surgery, Humerus fracture, comminuted fracture to the wrist, Ankle Fracture, Comminuted Fracture, Shin Stress Fractures, Rib fractures

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