planning lessons part 1

planning lessons part 1

For TNT 700.3PBP, you will complete two lesson plan introductions, completing only those areas described above. Each lesson plan introduction will be submitted on a different submission page. There are two submission pages, one for each document.

Write all answers in the response column text box; the text box will expand as you write.

1. On the template, write your Name, Content Area, Grade Level and Submission Number at the top of each page.

2. Using the TEKS for your grade level and content area, copy the TEKS word for word. This must include the grade level, number, and letter of competency. For example, (Grade 6) 5. B. If you are having difficulty remembering how to read the TEKS you should review the course TCR 402 Understanding the TEKS. You can link to it from your dashboard by clicking Courses>All Courses>Past Enrollments.

3. Describe an assessment/performance measure that will accurately determine if students have learned the content at the same level of rigour as is required in the TEKS.

4. Write your learning objective, using the same language as the TEKS and include the performance measure.

5. Write the statement you will say to students that explains the learning objective in student-friendly terms and includes how student performance will be measured.

6. Write the verbiage you will use to explain the purpose of learning the material.

7. Write the statement you will make to students that connect this learning to prior instruction, background knowledge, and/or other content areas.

8. Save each submission document by your name and submission number. For example, Joe Stephens Submission 1.

9. Each completed submission document must be submitted separately. Submit each document on the appropriate submission page. There are two submission documents and two submission pages. Each submission document must be scored individually so each must be submitted separately. Our grading system will not allow us to grade more than one submission per page.

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