Please reply to this classmate on the discussion thread with 100…

Please reply to this classmate on the discussion thread with 100 words
Managing change and leading change are similar in which the goal is the same, but the approach is different. Most of the time, managers put out a goal or an expectation that they would like for their team to reach, while leaders empower, encourage, and motivate the team to reach said goal.
The advantages of being a change leader are that you are more likely to have your team’s trust and respect. While change leaders are usually the ones who implement the motivation, influence, and empowerment in their team, they are also not afraid to speak up when something goes wrong. A true leader will take action when something is not right and confront difficult situations without hesitation. As much as leaders are the encouragers, they are not the door mat. They are ambitious and expect respect as they give respect. A leader who cares about how their team performs, respects their team. Their team is the direct reflection of how efficient of a leader they are, themselves. A team that is well put together that knows exactly what the goal is and how to reach the goal, most likely has a great leader.

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