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Jordan Peele’s Get Out is a movie that everyone should watch, it depicts the different roles people play in society and outlines some key points about racial inequality within our society. Get Out is a very interesting film that explains the story of a black man, Chris, dating a white woman, Rose, the movie starts out with the couple in the “meeting the parents” stage in which they are invited to go out with Rose’s family. There’s a twist in the story though, as the story goes on we find out that Rose is plotting something with her family that puts Chris in danger. As the movie goes on we find out that Rose’s family has plotted to take Chris and swap out his brain with the brain of another man. The family hypnotized Chris to help him quit smoking, but this was all done so they would be able to use a trigger word to stop him when needed. Towards the end of the movie Rose’s family captures Chris and they explain their plan: they want to implant a blind older man’s brain into Chris so the man would be young and be able to see again. They also explain to Chris that these people mainly only target black people. In the scene where Chris is packing up he finds some pictures of Rose with other black men that were her boyfriends. The people in these images were identified by Chris as people that have gone missing over the years. He also found this strange because Rose told him that he is the first black man she has ever dated. At the end of the movie Chris ends up shooting Rose and also shooting himself after he began to strangle Rose in an attempt to kill her. He then begins to hear police sirens and Rod Chris’s TSA officer friend came and rescued him leaving Rose bleeding out on the street. Overall this is a very interesting black horror film that was very successful. After doing some research on the film I was able to find out that the film was the tenth most profitable film of 2017, making it a very successful black horror film. Jordan Peele is the first person to have ever won an Oscar Award for the screen writing of a black horror film. Overall, this is a great movie that is both funny, scary, and thrilling.
Requirements: minimum 400 words

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