Policy Options presentation

Policy Options Video Presentation – 15%: The research for
this video presentation will prepare you to write the second half of the policy brief. You will research and
provide an informative overview of your selected policy issues addressing the following questions:
Current Models in Other Jurisdictions: What are other jurisdictions doing? How amenable are those
policies to transfer? Has similar policy transfer already occurred, and was it successful or were there
Alternative Policy Options – Given the above, provide three plausible options to modify, improve upon or
replace the current policy. Thoroughly examine each policy option in detail, explaining their method or
form, their potential cost, the advantages and disadvantages, possible implications or unintended
consequences, and how they compare and differ from the current policy.
Recommendation – Which policy alternative do you recommend and why that alternative instead of the
At the beginning of your presentation, please briefly introduce yourself and summarize/recap your policy
issue. Focus on demonstrating your knowledge of the current models in other jurisdictions, present three
plausible alternative policy options (with detailed explanation as noted above), and clearly communicate
your selected recommendation. Your video presentation should be fifteen minutes in length and you
MUST include with your video submission a reference page in APA format with at least SIX sources in
PDF format

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