Poverty is the number one predictor

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Poverty is the number one predictor of poor health status. To achieve health equity in our society, we need to truly understand what it means to be living in poverty. Throughout the semester we will be exploring poverty and how to best work with this population as you become a health professional.
The Introduction section of the book discusses how poverty forces families into survival mode. Answer the following questions in your discussion response.
What are some possible examples of living in survival mode (minimum of two examples)? For instance, people may resort to criminal activity to get what they need to survive or earn money.
How does living in survival mode contribute to health disparities?
Please cite references used in your response. This is a DISCUSSION so please interact and post responses to your classmates’ reply. You will be graded on your response and your interaction with classmates as discussed in the discussion rubric. Being it is the first week of class your original post is not due until Friday at 11:59 PM and your peer posts, Sunday at 11:59 PM. Beginning the second week, please follow the directions listed for course discussions with the original posts due Wednesday and peer posts due Sunday.I want the dissociation and two responses.
Requirements: Less than a page.

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