Project Risk Management

APA format with detailed in-text Citations.
Please read your case and discuss it with your team (Cases will be given to teams in Week 1)
Choose 1 team leader
Please prepare a 10-13 slide (PowerPoint Presentation) that provides the following:
A brief overview of your case
Describe the driving business management issues that your case is addressing
What are the global management issues that are apparent in your case?  At a minimum, please address the following global business considerations:
Team organization and management
Communications and Governance (Control)
Resource management and resource sourcing (e.g. local, outsourcing, virtual teams, etc.)
Driving cultural considerations affecting the case analysis
How do these global business issues impact the project management discipline?  At a minimum, please address the following:
Project Risk Management
Project Team Management
Project Control and Monitoring
Project Integration
Please submit your team’s Case Initiation Presentation to this assignment folder. Due
The entire Team needs to be prepared to provide a 12-15 minute in-class presentation (briefing) to classmates in week 6.

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