Psychology Question

psychology project and need support to help me learn.

Find a recent news article (from the last <6 months) reporting on a recent discovery in some aspect of neuroscience. An article from any reputable news source (e.g., not a social media post) is acceptable. I quickly found several articles by searching various neuroscience terms in Google News, but any way you identify the article is fine. Choose an article covering a topic you personally find intriguing. Analyze the news article by briefly summarizing the main scientific question of the research it describes, the central message of the new scientific study, and the key piece(s) of evidence that support the conclusions of the study. Lastly, critique any biases of the news reporting. Bias may be apparent in which aspects of the research the articles chooses to highlight or in any explicitly speculative statements that are not backed up data. The length of your summary should be 500-600 words. This assignment is due this Friday, January 27th, 11:59pm, to be submitted via bCourses as a text entry. Requirements:

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