Q1. Case 1 A 36 year old female is experiencing the following:…

Case 1
A 36 year old female is experiencing the following:
Complains of feeling hot all the time
Losing weight without trying, chronic diarrhea
Always feels on edge, nervous
Heart frequently feels like its pounding, heart rate 110 at rest
Blood pressure high
Feels a lump in the throat
What would you expect her lab results to be?
A)high parathyroid hormone
B)high levels of thyroid hormone
C)normal thyroid hormone
D)low thyroid hormone
Lab results show high T3, T4, low TSH, and antibodies against the TSHReceptor, indicating Grave’s disease.
2. How would you describe this patient?

A. hypoparathyroid
B. hyperthyroid
C. euthyroid (normal thyroid levels)
D. hypothyroid
3. What accounts for her symptoms?
A. her pituitary is not functioning
B. Antibodies stimulate the TSH receptor, causing the thyroid to release thyroid hormones
C. her parathyroid gland is enlarged
D. her thyroid is unable to produce hormone
Another patient, a 40 year old male, has been experiencing the following:
Chronic constipation
Feels cold all the time, sluggish, has difficulty catching a ball
Gaining weight, in spite of trying a strict diet
Hair is thinning
Lab results show low T3, T4, high TSH
1. This patient is described as
A. hyperthyroid
B. hypoparathyroid
C. euthyroid (normal thyroid levels)
D. hypothyroid
2.Possible treatment of this patient would include
A. none needed
B. remove the thyroid
C. Hormone replacement therapy with thyroid hormone

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