Q2)A laboratory label usually includes which of the following?…

Q2)A laboratory label usually includes which of the following? Select all that apply.

Product identifier/name
Signal word
Precautionary statement
Hazard statement
Supplier information
Specific safe handling practices
Reference to available SDS

Q3) When mixing acid and water, always add water to acid.
True or false

Q4) Review the following statements regarding the top-loading balance and select all statements that are true.

A)A top-loading balance is less accurate than an analytical balance.
B)If a person is leaning on the bench, their weight changes the level but does not greatly affect the mass reading.
C)The tare switch will set the balance to 0.00 g, whether an object is on the pan or not.
D)Changes in the last digit displayed on the balance indicate that the mass of the object is changing.
E)Make sure the object you are weighing is clean and dry on the outside and inside.

Q5) The number 9.78 x 102 has how many significant figures?

Q6) For the expression y = 3.018 + 2.001 + 11.6 + 0.050, the value of y recorded with the correct number of significant figures is?

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