QUESTION 1 What is causing problems between Shauna and Linda?…

What is causing problems between Shauna and Linda?
A.Linda is insecure because Shauna has a high profile job surrounded by beautiful, interesting people all the time.
B.Linda does not like Shauna’s wandering eye.
C.Shauna thinks it is fine to have relationships with others because those relationships are irrelevant.
D.All of the above.
2 points
Even after the warning in the email to “Tell No One,” why does Beck tell Shauna about the two emails?
A.If the emails were from Elizabeth, Elizabeth would know Beck would tell Shauna.
B.Beck could not keep the secret to himself any longer and needed someone to talk to about what he saw.
C.Since it was anniversary day, Shauna would know Beck was just having wishful dreams.
D.Beck had been drinking and let the information slip.
2 points
Wu is checking Beck’s emails and tells Larry that Beck has received two bizarre emails in the last two days. Wu shows an email to Larry. What in the email causes Larry concern?
A.”kiss time”
B.Bat Street
C.E.P. + D.P.
2 points
What measure has Wu taken to track Beck’s emails and any Web sites Beck vists?
A.Wu installed a digital network tracker on Beck’s home and work computer.
B.The digital network tracker installed on Beck’s computers sends digital signals to Wu’s computer.
C.The digital network tracker allows Wu to see Beck’s emails, know the web sites Beck visits, and read any letters Beck types.
D.All of the above.
2 points
Who greeted Beck as he arrived at the clinic?
A.Sheriff Lowell
B.Special Agent Nick Carlson
C.Special Agent Tom Stone
D.All of the above
2 points
What visual description does Beck give of Carlson and Stone?
A.bowling ball and bowling pin
B.pool stick and pool ball stick and hockey puck
D.broom and a bucket
2 points
Carlson and Stone took Beck to the FBI office to ask him questions. Why was Beck hesitant to answer the question about Sarah Goodhart?
A.Beck was trying to figure out the FBI agents’ angle for asking the question.
B.Beck was remembering the last line of the email – Tell No One.
C.Beck was “flying blind” because he did not know why the FBI agents were interviewing him.
D.All of the above

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