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Assignment 1: Exploring a Question of Ethics in HCDS
Individual Assignment.
Assignment Goal: To offer you the opportunity to examine ethics and morality in the context of Human-Centred Data Science.
Approach: Choose an article to write a critical response to, either from the suggested list or from your own interest. Write an essay response to the article, addressing the issues raised by one of the following:
Under what conditions should (or should not) data scientists who were involved in the development of a system/application/media infrastructure which has harmful, but unintended and unanticipated effects, be held morally responsible for the harm their system/application causes? (Focus on moral responsibility and NOT criminal and civil responsibility/liability.)
Explain when the moral responsibility of data scientists for ascertaining the quality (e.g. accuracy, completeness) of the data sets they intend to use for system testing and/or training begins and ends.
Explore the issue of who is morally responsible if a computer system/application kills or maims. Is it the person(s) who commissioned the system, the person who conceptualized it, the person(s) who designed and developed it, the users, or the subjects? (In thinking about this question, it might be worth considering whose agency is represented in or by a data system: for example, the person who commissioned and/or conceptualised the system, the person(s) who designed and developed the system, the user of the system or ….?)
Notes of Guidance:
      In your essay you should engage with the core and the supplementary readings (see Web). This can be done either by using them in support of your arguments or drawing attention to their limitations. How many readings you should use depends upon the nature and shape of your essay.
      Ensure your essay has an introduction, a conclusion, and a very clear line of argument/critique/response to the chosen article. The introduction should briefly summarize and cite your chosen article so that a reader can understand the topic you’re talking about, but the essay overall is a response, not a summary. 
      In terms of argument, it will not matter if the Instructor disagrees with your argument, what matters is that your argument is clear, compelling, builds on the readings and lectures of the course, and is founded in evidence. 
      In your essay do not use phrases like, “I think”, “I feel”, or “I believe”. If you want to use I structures, consider using “I found”, “I argue” or “I investigated”. 
Format: Academic Essay.
Length: 1 page (~500 words)

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