Question One (1) The bulk of the competent lawyer’s work is not…

Question One (1)

The bulk of the competent lawyer’s work is not carried out on the advocate’s feet on the day of the hearing, but in the long days and nights beforehand, ensuring that all the law and procedure is understood, all arguments are covered, all evidence is ready and techniques of persuasion are well practiced and at hand.

a) Discuss the requirements for all oral communication, if it is to be effective. (10 marks).

b) Analyse measures that should be taken to overcome or address any barriers to effective oral communication. (10 marks)

c) Demonstrate the implications of not addressing these barriers. (10 marks)
Question Two (2)

The COVID-19 pandemic shaped or reshaped diverse spheres of human life including communication. For example, legal education, legal practice and court proceedings are already being undertaken through online platforms.

Prepare a brief write-up discussing the Do’s and Don’t’s of communicating online effectively. (20 marks)

Question Three (3)

Good listening skills are crucial for effective legal communication. When clients are listened to, they feel understood and are more trusting to you as a lawyer. To connect with your clients and others, and to have them experience you as an effective lawyer, a lawyer must polish his /her listening skills.

Discuss what a lawyer should do to improve his/her listening skills. (20 marks)
Question Five (5)

Successful law students possess many skills that enable them to excel. Some of the skills that lawyers value include paying attention to detail and the ability to prioritize, work under pressure, and work with minimal supervision. Perhaps the most important skill a lawyer requires from new recruits is excellent communication. A lawyer must be able to communicate clearly and effectively, to avoid miscommunication or bringing the legal professional to disrepute.

Discuss in detail how a lawyer can improve his/her legal writing. (20 marks)

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