Question One: Distinguish between the three phases of Disciplining…

Question One: Distinguish between the three phases of Disciplining Criminal Selectivity.
Which phase do you think was most impacting towards criminal selectivity?
Question Two: Pollack cites authors who have broken down the components of justice into distributive justice, corrective justice, and commutative Justice. Much of our program in criminal justice obviously will focus on corrective justice. In corrective justice there are the categories of substantive and procedural justice; the first decides what is and is not a crime, the second proscribes the manner in which arrests, investigations, and trials are carried out in. Substantive justice is made up on retributive justice and utilitarian justice.
Which of these two categories, substantive and procedural law, do you think is more important in criminal law? Of the two which is crucial to living in both a safe yet also a free society?

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