read about Dark Matter- observations from the Hubble telescope….

read about Dark Matter- observations from the Hubble telescope. Scientists are looking for WIMPs and MACHOs – really. Dark matter is required for all the formulas that explain the universe but we don’t know what it is. That is why we call it dark matter. We do know where it is.

Hubble’s Shocking Dark Matter Discovery: Observations Suggest a Missing Ingredient in Cosmic Recipe
answer the following
. Explain in why earned value is more practical and useful for evaluating project performance and predicting project completion.
The methods for evaluating the performance of a project are measured using standardized concepts and adapted to all types of projects. Its concepts include milestones, tasks, budgets, etc. The different methods are:
1- The choice of indicators according to the SMART objectives method, which is by definition the respect of the SMART methodology which is a specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, temporal objective. The indicators must be simple, linked to the client’s business of the project, objective and measurable, descriptive of the performance improvement.
2- The definition of the three indicators to measure the effectiveness of the progress of the project is important for evaluating the performance and the

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