Read attachment. Each discussion question should have its own dedicated

 Read attachment.

Each discussion question should have its own dedicated paragraph consisting of approximately 4-6 sentences each. This assignment is a writing/research exercise, so please verbalize self-created full sentences in paragraph form, and refrain from bullet-style lists in your responses.

Discussion Questions
Identify one question/item you would advise this employer to edit or remove from the job application based on possible legal implications. Be sure to focus on an item that would be legally prohibited at the federal level. 

This particular question doesn’t require a full paragraph – simply state which item you’d recommend removing/editing.
Note there are multiple issues with the application – you only need to identify and discuss one of them for this assignment.
Which specific piece of legislation supports your recommendation (e.g., Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, etc.)? In your own words, provide a brief explanation of the legislation you identified. 
Would you advise completely removing the item, or would you recommend revising it instead? 

If you recommend removing it, explain your rationale. Be specific, and make sure to focus on legal implications. 
If you advise editing it, what alternative language would you recommend? 

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