Relationship Between Politics and Environmental Problems

SMC Relationship Between Politics and Environmental Problems Discussion
Use the following sites to answer the enclosed prompt:
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has materials on all the environmental problems we have discussed:
The Envirolink Network offers links to thousands of resources on every environmental issue:
Links to an external site.
The site of the Environmental Working Group, whose research is designed to improve health and protect the environment:
i.) Political action is imperative if governmental problems are effectively attacked.
Use a search engine to explore the relationship between government or politics and environmental problems. Find information on government at all levels.
Hint: Search ‘politics,’ ‘government,’ ‘environmental urgency,’ ‘climate change’ etc.
Make a list of the 10 most helpful and 10 most harmful actions (or lack of action/inaction) taken by governments in recent years.
Use the information to write a letter to your local paper urging governmental action on some environmental problem about which you are concerned.

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