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How is Coach Wooden’s “earned & deserved” approach different from a more traditional coaching approach? To break this question down what exactly is the more traditional coaching approach. Like the example given in the reading, “But the coach felt he had no recourse but to follow through with the consequences” (Nater, 2010). In this case the coach was very strict with his rule when the running back showed up 5 minutes late to the curfew even though he has zero track record of any negative things in the last 4 years. Ultimately it probably lost them the championship when he made that decision to bench the running back off of one minor infraction that he made. On the other hand, Coach Wooden’s approach is based off of their whole track record. For example, if they showed up late to practice, but had a valid excuse they would be able to go and get in uniform and practice. If the football coach would have done that and understood that the player headed back because he forgot his wallet the exception could have been made, and a championship would have been won. From what I see is that the traditional coaching approach is a more set and stone no matter if you violate my rules you will be punished. The newer form being the idea that humans are humans and things happen all of the time and judging from their past behaviors you can judge what is going on to make a better decision.

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