Research About ( Chloral hydrate poisoning )

pharmacology report and need support to help me learn.

Research About
( Chloral hydrate poisoning )

First page should be just the name of research

Second page should be Table of contents Alphabetical

Third page is Abbreviations used in the research and should be Alphabetical

The content :
What is the Drug
Mechanism of Action
Sign and symptoms of overdose and toxicity
Toxic Dose and therapeutic Dose
Risk Factor for poisoning
Laboratory investigation
Antidote for the Drug in case of toxicity
Treatment in case of overdose

Use Figure and picture for explanations

use 5 different references at least 2 books Articles and website like pubmed

Every information, figure and picture used should be referred to the reference that explained the information

For example Figure 34-1
Table 34-1

Last page should be the references

There’s no specific number of words
The most important thing is to cover all the content

Front style is Time new roman
Size 13

With the first three pages and the last references total should be 9 pages

in filles PDF this example just .

Requirements: 60 Hours

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