Research Assignment: Pathogenic Microorganism Project Choose a…

Research Assignment: Pathogenic Microorganism Project
Choose a fungal disease and research the following information. Please leave your information in a similar format as below. No need to draft an essay!
Name of the disease (10 pts)
The agent of infection (what organism carries the disease?) (10 pts)
Mode of transmission (how the microorganism is passed from host to host) (10 pts)
Rate of occurrence (how many humans per year get the disease) (10 pts)
Incubation period (how long from the time of contact until symptoms appear) (10 pts)
Symptoms (how do you know you have it?) (10 pts)
Treatment (how to minimize the symptoms) and cure (how to get rid of it) (10 pts)
Prevention (how to keep from getting it) (10 pts)
Other interesting facts (3 minimum) (10 pts)
Resources Used (no requirements on resources, just cite them properly using APA guidelines) (10 pts)

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