Research Project Part 1

business report and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

You are to assume you have been recently hired by ROSS STORES INC. (ROST) and have been assigned to a team that reports to the CEO of ROSS STORES INC. (ROST). The head of your team is the CFO, who is concerned about THE COMPANY’s current financial performance and comparison against major competitors in the industry and the impact that may have on the firm’s stock price. The CFO would like your team to provide insights that will help them to project future financial performance. Specifically, the primary question to answer is to analyze the company’s financial trends over the last 5 years and which steps should be done to improve its financial stability.
Using the information from the websites, the students will develop an evaluation of the financial performance of THE COMPANY. (The evaluation portion will total 85% of the assignment grade)
-1—Introduction (5% of the project grade)- The paper should begin with a short introduction, explains the purpose of the paper, and provides an overview of the contents that follow (one short paragraph).
2— Trend analysis (60% of the project grade)
The website to be used for this project:
The growth rates are available at -To find the information for your company, please type the stock symbol in the Search window to get into the company’s page. Click on Financial > Income Statement (or Balance Sheet) > Annual.
Present the following data for your COMPANY over the last five years:
Sale Growth rates
COGS Growth rates
Interest Expense Growth rates
Net Income Growth rates
Assets – Total – Growth rates
Total Liabilities / Total Assets Growth rates
Total Shareholders’ Equity / Total Assets
You can find these ratios on the Internet or calculate them. If you use published growth rates, you must indicate that and cite their source.
Present the following data for the major competitor over the last five years:
Sale Growth rates
COGS Growth rates
Net Income Growth rates
Total Liabilities / Total Assets Growth rates
To present your findings, you will create the table(s). In addition, you can create graphs. You can use the bar graphs provided by or create your own.
c) Write about 2 pages of the analysis of the financial conditions, its stability, and trends. In your analysis, compare the financial trends of your company to the trend of a major competitor. What important information does this analysis provide?
3- Develop 1 page of a specific recommendation, with supporting rationale as to whether the assigned company’s recent trends demonstrate sufficient financial strength, will THE COMPANY be financially sustainable over the next two to three years, and which steps should be done to improve its financial stability? (15% of the project grade). Your recommendations should be based on the results of your analysis of the project.
4- Reflection – the student should write a paragraph in their own words reflecting on specifically what they learned from the assignment and how they think they could apply what they learned in the workplace. (5% of the project grade)
PRESENTATION OF PAPER AND WRITING (15%) of the project grade):
-Organization, Format, and Presentation of the Paper, including the Title page, Introduction, Body, and Summary. Each section of the paper must begin with sub-headings. Please use the sub-headings included in the assignment. Please use double space, with one-inch margins, and use 12-point Times New Roman font. (4% of the project grade)
Use of Tables, Figures and Other Graphics to Summarize and Support Analysis Presented in the Paper. All tables and charts should have the numbering system, like “Table 1…”, the title, and foot/end note to reference the source of the information. (3% of the project grade)
Logical and Smooth Flowing Transitions and Relationships among Sections of the Written Report (3% of the project grade)
Research Sources and Significance of Research Information and Data, Use of APA Citation Methodology (5% of the project grade)
I have attached the document, which I somewhat organized so that you may use it to write the answers. Also, to save you more time, I will finalize everything and make sure the organization and presentation of the paper are up to par. Pretty much just need the answers 🙂
Requirements: 1000+

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