Research Research a recent event with national or global…

Research a recent event with national or global significance, similar to the Boston Bombings or Kony 2012.
Look at the coverage of the issue in mainstream media sources and look at how the issue is trending on at least two different social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.).
Consider how social media may be affecting the event. Is social media a positive or negative force in this issue/event? How does the coverage of the issue differ between mainstream media and social media? What different perspectives are offered?
Compare the quality, depth, and language used. You may also want to consider the viewpoints on various social media sites.
Are the views on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. the same or different? If they are different, why do you think that is?
Write a report that includes the following:
An introduction and a brief summary of the issue
The names of the different sources accessed
A discussion of how the coverage differs between mainstream news sources and social media
A reflection in which you discuss how the social media coverage adds or detracts from your understanding of the issue or events

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