Researching a Contemporary Artist

This is your chance to learn about a contemporary artist that you find challenging, interesting or otherwise impactful. You will write 1500 words where you will explore their themes, media, and how their work impacts the artworld dialogue. How does their work fit in relation to different movement that are currently out there. You will use ideas we have covered as reference points. You will have at least five sources and you will include 5 images of the artist’s work.


1. Choose an artist from the list at the bottom.

2. Find and read at least 5 articles about each artist from the resources listed below. If possible watch an interview with the artist, or read one as well.

3. The following is an approved list of resources and periodicals:

a. Art in America

b. Art Now

c. ArtForum

d. Frieze

e. Hyperallergic

f. New York Times

g. Art Net

h. Art Daily

i. Modern Painters

j. Tate etc. Magazine

k. Flash Art

l. High Fructose

m. The Tate

n. The Metropolitan Museum of Art

o. Museum of Modern Art

p. Art News

q. PS1

r. The Guardian

s. New York Magazine

t. Museum of Contemporary Art LA

u. Dia Art Foundation

v. Phaidon

w. Art21

x. PBS

y. NPR

The Artists:

1. Pepon Osorio

2. Sigmar Polke

3. Rashid Johnson

4. Shirin Neshat

5. Tracey Emin

6. Damien Hirst

7. Ana Mendiata

8. Ai Wei Wei

9. Olafur Eliasson
10. Azikiwe Mohammed

11. Takashi Murakami
12. Jenny Saville

13. Marina Abramovic

14. Faith Ringgold

15. Kerry James Marshall

16. Joel Peter Witkin

17. Gerhard Richter

18. Anselm Kiefer

19. Nam June Paik

20. William Kentridge

21. Cindy Sherman

22. Jeff Koons

23. Chris Ofili

24. Rachel Whiteread

25. Andres Serrano


1500 words with links to 5 images. Please footnote the image with the source. For the essay, 1500 words that follow the general format of the 5 paragraph essay with an introduction, 3 paragraphs of content, and a conclusion. Do not title the paragraphs or number them. Please spell check and proofread your work!!!

In the introduction, tell me why this artist matters, what are they known for. DO NOT start by telling me when and where they were born. I don’t care until I would have a reason to. Talk about what makes the artist important, not a timeline from when they started to now. Why should I care about this artist?

You must relate the artist to artists discussed in the class. You must discuss the artist’s work using the relevant concepts you have learned about in this class with the correct understanding of the terminology and concepts.

Concepts include, semiotics, mimesis, abstraction, deconstruction, aura, abjection, male gaze and identity construction. You must discuss the work in terms of its semiotic content, as well as whatever concepts are listed here. Connect the work to society and contemporary culture when possible.

Remember I am asking for 1500 words. 1300 words cannot be an A. 1200 words is at best a B- and so forth. 900 words is barely a D. This count of course does not include your bibliography.

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