Respond to colleagues’ posting in following way: Offer a critique of or polite disagreement with

Respond to colleagues’ posting in following way:
Offer a critique of or polite disagreement with your colleague’s evaluation.
Must include a minimum of one appropriately cited scholarly reference.
Working in the finance/banking industry since 2005 has proven to be quite volatile at times. The bank I have been employed with for the last almost 11 years has always been very transparent. Benson (2015) stated “to create alignment, we talk the walk.” I firmly believe the best form of transparency is open door management. If individuals think they are included in decisions and made aware prior, then they think they are more involved with planning their future. Create the environment, align, and support your vision, create a supportive environment, nurture from bottom up (Benson, 2015). I had a manager at one time tell me “We don’t know where we are going if we don’t know how to get there.”
Negative Impact
Many times, I have felt lost in the past and guarded towards leadership because I felt as if there were changes that could be negative coming and no one knew. In the scenario that information is withheld that can cause people to feel uncertain and they tend to look elsewhere for a new job or career. I have witnessed a lot of great employees leave a business out of fear of loosing their job because no one was communicating the changes that were coming. According to Buble & Matic (2014) leaders should bear in mind that when motivating similar needs of individuals, different followers can react in different ways.
It is my opinion transparency is of value and has a positive response for the greater good however, if there is influence persuasion can also be present. Transformational leadership sometimes promotes charismatic leaders such as Adolph Hitler. Hitler utilized his influence to cause harm and kill innocent people due to his own beliefs and personal feelings. Hitler created a safe and nurturing environment for those that were like minded and gave validity to their thought process. Northouse (2022) defined Hitler as a pseudo transformational leader meaning he used personalized leadership that focused on his own interests and not others.
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