*respond to discussion post* Now that I have an understanding of…

*respond to discussion post*

Now that I have an understanding of ESSA my thoughts on this act is that I am glad that it was revised from the NCLB act. I say that because ESSA does have some great advantages. Some of the advantages that ESSA have is that it extends more flexibility to states in education. ESSA also now offers better accountability goals, plans and programs. Overall I do think that ESSA is an improvement over NCLB because ESSA is actually putting more emphasis on standardized test scores and now is providing more program funding. ESSA is also an improvement because with this law it is mainly focused on clear goals and is focused on preparing all students for success and college. But the NCLB law mainly focused on children making progress no matter what race, color, income, zip code, language etc. ESSA went into more details when it came to that. ESSA focuses on more of the student and how teacher, and parents can help support the child.

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