Respond to peers discussions in a meaningful manner include any…

Respond to peers discussions in a meaningful manner include any citations and references and in text citations to build on a response to each of you’re peers posts The discussion question was – share cultural normals regarding eye behavior and share a personal experience of how cultural expressions regarding eye behavior affected an interaction you or someone you know had.
However you are merely replying to a peers discussion post rather than answering yourself
1st peer post / Jamie’s – When I started working with an African-owned company | learned about the cultural differences. I came to work smiling. loudly saying hello. I would reach out to shake the owner’s hand and keep eye contact. I noticed soon after that he would avoid me, or put a lot of space between us. One thing that I thought should be done when speaking to someone of authority, in general, you should keep eye contact, even though it is not something that I enjoy doing myself. I started working with a younger man around my age, African as well. He told me that the owner is an elder and eye contact and a lot of physical touches were not something that they do. I did have a sit down with the owner to apologize and do more research into speaking with people from other cultures.
2nd peer post / Ethan – I went to Georgia, Russia almost 14 years ago on my first deployment. I felt like they hadn’t seen many black people. I am the type of person that enjoys speaking with people and I have no problem saying hello to anyone. No one would talk to me in this Country. All they did was stare at me and it made me feel uncomfortable. Eventually, it started to annoy me. Everyone was so cold and rude to me, is how I felt. Walking into a store, it happened again, but this time the person was walking with a child. The child waved and smiled.

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