Rhetoric analysis

Format: Cite in APA or MLA style. Length should be between 1350 to 1650 words (excluding your References or Works Cited
page – in-text citation do count in word count). Page numbers on every page. 12pt Times New Roman font.

For this paper, you will use the prompts below to construct your paper.

1. Compare the rhetoric in two of the the films that explore the climate crisis (An Inconvenient Truth , Planet of Humans , Eating Our Way to Extinction, The Last Tourist, or Before the Flood).

Once you’ve chosen your two films, you will both analyze the films and compare the differences in them. Although you could argue that one film is more effective than the other, you could also analyze the similarities and differences. What is important is that you focus on the rhetoric each creator uses (including physical rhetoric as taught in class)

Typically, the analysis paper uses this organizational style:

Introduction (with a thesis statement)

Background section

Summary of the films

Analysis Points (multiple paragraphs and make sure you define the rhetorical concepts you are using for your analysis)



Make sure you use APA or MLA style to format your document and cite the film thoroughly. You should use credible secondary sources for your background paragraph (do not use Wikipedia) but the rest of your paper will focus on the two films you are analyzing (you should not use secondary sources to back up your analysis; instead, you will use examples from the films themselves to back up your points).

Your analysis paper should NOT use first person (I, we, us) or second person (you) pronouns.

The rubric and the checklist are attached. Please follow those when writing the paper.

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