Rhetorical skills assignment

After watching the video please follow the instrctions to answer the questions .
This assignment exercises your skills in rhetorical, aesthetic, and cultural analysis. You are asked to watch a media text, and to take careful notes on it in response to the guidelines below.  You will be handing in your notes. The point of this exercise is to work on connecting a media text with ideas that we have discussed thus far, and to help you practice joining rhetorical analysis to cultural analysis.
Objective of this observation exercise is to help you work on
Your skills in rhetorical analysis how signification is working in this media object, and to break down the process of meaning making.
Understanding how power operates in the practice of looking/being looked at
Thinking through the ways that meaning-making is related to ideology
Identifying key ideologies and how they are shaped in this particular media text.
Practicing the central terms covered so far and their proper applications.
Watch the commercial in the “multimedia” folder in “files.”
Watch it at least three times and take notes in response to these questions each time as you watch.
You should end up with one full page of notes (typed, 12 point regular, times-like font, single spaced).
Respond to these questions:
What sense, or mood do you get from this media object? In other words, what affect does it produce?
What are some of the key aesthetic techniques that make this media text operate to convey meaning, to stir-up emotion/affect in the manner it does?
What are the key signifiers?
How are clusters working to frame how we read the key signifiers?
What are the connoted meanings to which those signifiers might point?
Name 2 ideologies that this media object plays into /helps foster/ is perpetuating.
Do you think you are being interpellated by this ad? What kind of subject(s) are you being interpellated as?
How does the gaze operate in this video?

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