Scenario 1: Large Retail Discount Stores and Online Sales…

Scenario 1: Large Retail Discount Stores and Online Sales (Non-company Specific)
Part 1:
Evaluate the positive and negative aspects for leaders who are responding to the digital transformation of the business environment, comparing the findings in the scholarly and practitioner literature.
Make sure your evaluation considers the impacts and aspects of business performance.
Describe ways leaders are adapting to business problems with business model innovation in the digital age by integrating scientific information, business reports, and company examples.
Evaluate the effectiveness of leadership strategies used to create a competitive advantage in a digital world based on models, theories, and practices
Part 2:
What is the central message of the article you propose to write?
What is important, useful, new, or counterintuitive about your idea?
Why do managers need to know about it? How can your idea be applied today?
What is the source of your authority? On what previous work does this idea build?
What academic, professional, or personal experience will you draw on?

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