Section – 1 What is carbon capture and storage using machine…

Section – 1
What is carbon capture and storage using machine learning (artificial intelligence)?
what are the benefits from this method?
Where can be used this method and how?
What are advantages and disadvantages of this method?
Section – 2
Identify those stakeholders who you think will be involved with the process of adopting your proposal( carbon capture using machine learning). Remember to think holistically across the supply chain.
State why you identified them as stakeholders and their roles in the process of adoption.
Estimate their interest and influence and map these parameters onto Mendelow’s matrix and discuss how you would work with them throughout and manage them.
How would you communicate with stakholders depending on the manner in which you have mapped onto the matrix?
Section – 3
What are the risks specific to your proposal innovation ( carbon capture using machine learning)
Who carries/bears that risk and who responsible for its mitigations
How seriou is the risk (remember scales of time and space)
How can this be mitigated
Is the mitigation strategy aleardy one in use elswhere or must it be created
Does the mitigation strategy outweigh the benefits of the innovation
What are the results of these risks mitigations measures

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