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Directions for Faking It Assignment
Students are to read the articles:
“Faking It: Sex, Lies and Women’s Magazines” Faking It by Liza Featherstone Actions
“She Wrote Fake News for Cosmopolitan and Now Regrets Misleading Women on Feminism.” She Wrote Fake News For Cosmo, but Regrets Misleading WomenLinks to an external site.
Students are to watch the YouTube video about Cosmopolitan writer, Sue Ellen Browder. Cosmopolitan Writer Sue Ellen Browder on Misleading Women- Feminism YouTube videoLinks to an external site.
Please write a (full) 3-page paper discussing the articles and video.
The first and second pages should include a discussion regarding your opinions and thoughts on the articles and video.
Be specific and use at least 2 examples from each article/video when responding.
The third page should include examples in current women’s magazines of the problems revealed and discussed by the various editors and writers interviewed in the articles. You may use a hard copy of a magazine or an online copy of a woman’s or men’s magazine.
Make sure to include the (1) magazine you found the article in, (2) the issue you are using, (3) the name of the column or article, and its author.
Give specific details when describing the article(s) you are discussing.
For example: look for small print that says “names have been changed” in the articles you are reading. Look for exaggerated claims regarding sex (or other topics) and its impact/benefit on health and beauty. Look for quotes from “real women & men” that don’t sound like how a real person might speak about sex (or other topics). Look for instances where magazine journalists may be trying to push an agenda and make it seem like “everybody” agrees with their point of view. Are you afraid to voice your opinion on certain topics in public for fear of backlash, people shaming you for your opinion, or being “cancelled”?
Papers Must:
Be typed, 12 point font, double spaced MLA format.
Include proper spelling, grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and sentence structure.
Include proper paragraphs.
Include proper format (introduction, body, conclusion).
Include a cover page.
Include a works cited page.
Be a full 3 pages (in addition to your cover page and works cited page).
Remember to cite your sources (MLA proper citation). Otherwise it is considered plagiarism.
You will automatically lose 5 points if your paper is under three full pages.

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