Slide 2 (Module 1) – How was Earth formed and in which galaxy is…

Slide 2 (Module 1) – How was Earth formed and in which galaxy is Earth located?

Slide 3 (Module 1) – What is the name of our solar system’s star and where is Earth located in our solar system?

Slide 4 (Module 2) – What are 3 characteristics of Earth that make it inhabitable?

Slide 5 (Module 2) – How do the Sun and the Moon influence Earth?

Slide 6 (Module 3) – What is a mineral and what are at least 3 important minerals, along with their uses, found on Earth?

Slide 7 (Module 3) – What are the 3 rock types found on Earth and how are they formed?

Slide 8 (Module 3) – What are weathering, erosion, and deposition and how do they change the Earth’s surface?

Slide 9 (Module 4) – What is plate tectonics and how does it work?

Slide 10 (Module 4) – What are the 3 types of plates and the formations they make?

Slide 11 (Module 4) – What are the physiographic provinces in VA?

Slide 12 (Module 4) – What is a topographic map and what does it tell us about Earth’s surface in an area?

Slide 13 (Module 5) – What is fossilization and what are the two methods for dating rocks and fossils (briefly explain the process for each and which is more accurate)?

Slide 14 (Module 5) – What evidence do we have that life has changed on Earth?

Slide 15 – Citations: Include your sources for your research and your images.

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