Small Supply Chain Questions

supply chain question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

you will need to read Chapter 2 & 3 and answer one of the following three questions based on your enrolled Course section. Post your answer as a reply to this Discussion board, and make sure to identify which question you are answering at the top of the posting
After answering I will send you 2 students answer to review.
A. MGMT 4330 : Based on the text book and your own experiences, what is the main role of a Project Manager? Does that role change over the course of the project? Explain.
B. BSAD 8336 : For a project to be successful, the project team must gain trust in each other and work to resolve conflict. What are some methods a Project Manager can use to build trust in a new team? What type of conflicts have you experienced while working in project teams (for work or class)? Was the conflict resolved? If so, how? Explain.
C. SCMT 4330 : As a project progresses over time, interest and efforts towards the end result may reduce over time. How can a project manager help maintain forward movement towards completion? What are some strategies to avoid team burnout during the project? Explain.
Requirements: As required
WEEK 2 –CHAPTER 2 & 3BSAD 8336, MGMT 4330, SCMT 4330
PROJECT MANAGEMENT ROLE & CHALLENGESRole of a Project Manager is to LEAD/DRIVE efforts toward completion of a common goal.Challenges:Projects require CHANGE to occurSeries of decisions and subsequent actionsEmbracing Ambiguity“Journey of Discovery”PMs have Limited Official Authority over workersLead without direct line of controlManage in all directions, across business units, peers, and manage up through leadership levels
LEADING WITHOUT AUTHORITYOtherwise known as effectively EXERTING INFLUENCEEstablishing yourself as a leader involves:▪Creating a clear path of action▪Active conflict resolution▪Consistent and concise communication▪Build a culture of competence and collaboration▪Build TRUST▪Be Intentional with what you do

THE ROLE OF THE PM (SME)SME = Subject Matter ExpertWhen the PM comes into the team with a high competence /experience level with the project tasks they can establish leadership by:▪Establishing TRUSTwith team▪Use Humilityto show you are open to other viewpoints▪Gain Referent Authority (respect and admiration)▪Transparency▪Integrity▪Admission of mistakes▪Trustworthiness (deliver on promises, follow through, etc)

HOW TO NAVIGATE POLITICS“Borrow” Authority from Others:▪Project Sponsor▪Stakeholder with most to loseLead effectively▪Be intentional▪Maintain vision and strategy▪Lead by example▪Steer direction and decisions to FACTS▪Courage –speak the truth
CHAPTER 3Foundations of PM
DEFINITION OF A PROJECTPROJECT:PMBOK®Guide—Fourth edition (PMI, 2008a, p. 434)“a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result.”Projects are temporary and close upon the completion of the work they were chartered to deliver.Has a Beginning and an ENDProduces a UNIQUE Product
SUCCESS FACTOR –VALUE!Does your definition of success match those of your stakeholders?Build value through:▪Establishing realistic timelines▪Manage expectations▪Change management –identify, re-evaluate, and escalate as needed▪Deliver on promises
FUNCTIONS OF PMA.Project DefinitionB.Controls1.Progress2.Communication3.Corrective ActionC.Planning

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