SOC130 Part 1&2 – Los Olvidados: On the Making of Invisible People

University of California Riverside Sociology Paper
Sociology 130 Take Home Midterm Exam
October 16, 2022
This exam is structured in two Parts. Part I is short answer and Part II is essay. Please answer the questions thoroughly and thoughtfully. Hint: Do not wait to the last minute to tackle this exam. It will be too overwhelming if you do. This exam is due on November 1st at 10:00AM. All work is to be done independently. All Work will checked through UCR so please do your own work. Plagiarism of any kind will result in a F for the assignment and course. Each essay should follow the outline that I provide. Each section of your essay will have a heading. Again, Please DO NOT WAIT TO THE LAST MINUTE IT WILL BE TOO OVERWHELMING.
Part I: Short Answer. Please answer each of the following question in 2 pages. Feel free to write more if you find it necessary but no more than 1 page over. (4-page minimum)
1. You were assigned the article, “Los Olvidados: On the Making of Invisible People” by Juan F. Perea to read. Using this article, explain the root causes of white supremacy and racism. How did white supremacy become embedded in the structure of the United States and how does that impact social structure and institutions today. Please use Ch. 2: White Privilege: The Other Side of Racism and Tactic Racism: Introduction: Racism Is a Clear and Present Danger to show how white supremacy has impacted the United States social structure and the different “racial” groups as we have learned through culture. Short Answer Heading Outlines:
A. Los Olvidados and Root Causes
B. Embedded in Structure
C. Ch. 2: White Privilege
D. Tactic Racism Introduction
2. Why is it important for people in the world to understand racism and white privilege from a structural point of view? How can this understanding help bring about social justice and racial justice? Use Ch. 4: Emergence of the US Racial Hierarchy and Tactic Racism: Chapter 1. “White People Are Nosey” and “Black People Are Rude”: Black and White Greetings and Introductory Talk to demonstrate why understanding the structure is necessary for social justice and racial justice. Short Answer Heading Outline:
A. Structural Point of View B. Social and Racial Justice C. Tactic Racism Chapter 1
Part II: Essay. Please Answer the following question in 5-6 pages. Please feel free to write more if necessary but no more than 2 pages over.
1. Some Americans and some high-ranking officials believe and have stated that ‘Americans are not racist’ and that ‘America is not a Racist Country’. Suppose you had to go before a Presidential Committee to speak to the “Racial Task Force” that has been created to rectify the “race problem” that White Supremacy has caused in America and worldwide. I would like to present the evidence you have learned thus far. In order to do this please use Chapters 2 and 3 in Tactic Racism (Chapter 2, “Fractured Reflections” of High-Status Black Men’s Presentations of Self: Non-Recognition of Identity as a Tacit Form of Institutional Racism to help you make your case and Chapter 3, Clashing Conceptions of Honesty: Black American “Honesty” in the White Workplace) to construct your arguments. I would like you to use at least 2 empirical examples that’s happening right now to help illustrate why Racism and White Supremacy persists in the United States. What evidence do you have based on the films that we have watched thus far to support or refute these beliefs. I want you to use two films to help you compose your speech. Also, use Chapters 1, 3 and 6 in your Fitzgerald text (Ch. 1: Taking Account of Race, Racism, and Privilege, Ch. 3: Science and the Sociology of Race Ch. 6: Race Relations in Flux: From Civil Rights to Black Lives Matter) to help strengthen the case that you are making. How can Chapter 6 be related to other groups of color fighting for social and racial justice in the United States and globally. Lastly, make your final arguments to convince the Racial Task Force team that there is a structural problem.
Long Essay Outline Headings:
A. Brief Introductory Remarks to Task Force B. Tactic Racism Ch. 2 C. Tactic Racism Ch. 3 D. Empirical Evidence 1 E. Empirical Evidence 2 F. Film 1 G. Film 2 H. Fitzgerald Ch. 1 I. Fitzgerald Ch. 3 J. Fitzgerald Ch. 6 K. Other Groups L. Final Remarks.

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