Social Problems

public health discussion question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

We once attended a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous with a friend who had been “dry” for a short time. As we drove through the countryside to the small town where the group met, the friend kept commenting on the beauty of the scenery. He was enchanted by what we thought was a fairly common view on a warm spring evening. But his years as an alcoholic had been a living hell, and in the course of rediscovering what life can be like when you are free of addiction, he was finding beauty in the commonplace. “I really think,” he told us, “that if someone tried to force me to take a drink I would kill them.” The thought of ever returning to alcohol terrified him.
Discuss the adverse effects on the quality of life discussed in this chapter as it relates to alcohol. Based on your assessment, what are your recommendations for dealing with the problem of alcoholism? Read to of your other classmates recommendations and comment on how your ideas compare.
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