Social Work Question

social work multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

Assessments of group members are still a part of the process. As you know from your studies thus far, assessments explore family backgrounds, belief systems, cultural heritage, educational levels, and personal goals. Group leaders can use explore this information with group members by asking about their functioning at work, home, and in social situations.
An Adlerian group leader often uses “The Question” to focus on areas within a group members life they may be avoiding or struggling with. While chapter 7 provides additional details on questions you can use, follow-up that can be helpful, etc., a simple question used is, “What would you be doing or how would your life be different if you did not have the problem you are reporting?”
Chapter 8 uses Surplus Reality to also pose questions as part of a Psychodrama Approach. The “what if” perspective is used in this situation where group members are asked to ponder “what if” in situations where they could have possibly responded differently. Would it have made a difference in the event? This approach is represented in the text as a “theater of truth.”
Before beginning this assignment, make sure that you read the information on these both of these processes FIRST.
1) Identify Participants – (need 3-4 participants, not including yourself) For this exercise, you will need to identify a mock group of individuals that you can practice these approaches with. You can gather some willing friends, family members, or coworkers! They can respond based on their own experiences or “act” as a members of a particular type of group. The GOAL is for you to get PRACTICE in using these approaches. You do NOT have to produce a video of your interactions.
NOTE: Do not choose “clients” that have experienced severe trauma or are extremely vulnerable as it is not appropriate for practice purposes as you are not under supervision.
2) *Conduct Mock Session* – Please know that you are on the Honor System to ensure that you conduct an actual 30 minute minimum mock session with 3-4 participants in this Advanced level Direct Practice concentration where experience and practice are key!
Practice introducing the exercise to your “group” and explain what they will be doing and why
Complete Adlerian exercise – “What would you be doing or how would your life be different if you did not have the problem you are reporting?”
Complete Psychodrama Surplus Reality exercise – “what if”
Practice linking experiences & providing appropriate feedback to group members individually and as a whole
Then practice closing your group session by recapping and summarizing what was learned
3) Report on Your Experience – Provide a written summary of your experiences in APA format. – 30 points
Provide insight into your group members such as their age, gender, occupation, etc. but no names should be given.
Make sure you have headers to clearly identify and clarify the different sections covered.
Cite your information within your paper when you reference information you used from the text as I will be looking to see where you took the information learned and applied it to your experiences.
Your summary should identify what you did, how it went, and your thoughts/reflections on the process as well as your performance. Did it go well? Where there areas you could improve on? Did you like these approaches? Do you feel they would be beneficial? Is there anything you would change?
Requirements: 3-4

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