Sociology Part 1&2 – how do we act together as social change

Sociology Question
Choose ONE of the following essay choices then write an essay based on the instructions. (2-3 pages)
[[[ Read the article linked below — Using Durkheim’s ideas answer the question posed, “how do we act together as social change makers to construct a shared conception of the sacred that will bind us together for the common good, without falling prey to the potential for exclusion, stigma and violence that can be part of the creation of the sacred itself? Give concrete ideas and examples in your answer- feel free to be as hopeful or cynical as you wish. ]]]
[[[ Read this blog post: (The ideas in this blog do not represent endorsement by me, your professor—it is simply a blog that is useful for us to think about Durkheim’s importance for understanding society and social ills).
While the blogger above credits Durkheim loosely, they do not fully attribute the importance of Durkheim for naming the social problems they are talking about. In your essay, I would like for you to:
Use Durkheim’s concepts and ideas to name and discuss at least four of the ideas/problems being discussed in the article. Quote or refer specifically to the section of the blog you select to talk about.
(For example, in the blog the author states, “what does it say when more than half of young people say they are overwhelmed by stress, and almost as much can’t function anymore?” You would refer to this and then tell me what Durkheim would say he say the problem is and what concepts explain it?—in other words, you would answer the question as though you were Durkheim.)
Place yourself in the context of the blogger’s ideas. Are this blogger’s sentiments and ideas salient / relevant to your life or the situation you are in currently? If so, how? And if not, why not—Explain your situation using Durkheim’s ideas. ]]]
For this part you will need to read a good portion of ONE of the research articles listed below (to understand the results of the study and I understand and do not expect you to understand the methods or statistics utilized to get those results).
The aim here is to use Durkheim’s ideas of social solidarity, human nature and his typology of suicide to reinterpret the study using a Durkheim lens and putting a sociological spin / reinterpretation around the findings and providing a sociological context for these findings.
For this you will need to select ONE of the research articles below and:
Briefly summarize majors results of the study;
Apply Durkheim’s concepts of social solidarity and homo duplex(is) –to understand the social context of suicide for the people/population being studied, and to sociologically explain the study’s major results/findings; and
Apply specific concepts and ideas about the type(s) of suicide at play in the study; that are relevant in this social context (as in what type/s of suicide would Durkheim suggest is being discussed in the article/study and social determinants of this type of suicide).
Pick ONE of the following articles and write an essay utilizing the instructions above: “Trends and prevalence of suicide 2017–2021 and its association with COVID-19: Interrupted time series analysis of a national sample of college students in the United States,” by Zhaia and Dub, published in Psychiatry Research 2022 Oct; 316: 114796. “Characteristics of suicide among farmers and ranchers: Using the CDC NVDRS 2003–2018” by Miller and Rudolphi published in American Journal of Industrial Med. 2022 Aug; 65(8): 675–689. “Suicide and Suicidal Behavior” by Turecki and Brent published in Lancet. 2016 Mar 19; 387(10024): 1227–1239. (in this article focus on the social factors -and physical and psych factors to the extent that they are social).

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