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Submitting the Assignment: Submit the document via the D2L Dropbox labeled D2L Assignment #1 by 11:59PM on Thursday, February 2nd. Make sure you submit the document as a Microsoft Word or Word compatible document.
Late Assignments: A late assignments incur a 10% deduction for each date late. The final late submission deadline for this assignment is Thursday, February 9th by 11:59PM.
Instructions: This assignment asks you to explore Minnesota State websites related to the topic of this class. The goal is to become familiar with the system and get some basic information and take-a-ways from the content presented online. At the end of this assignment, watch and reflect on a KARE 11 report on Juvenile Justice in Minnesota.
There are many parts to this assignment. None of them are overly complicated but completing the whole assignment will take a significant amount of time. I recommend you start this assignment early and take breaks so that you do not have to put it all together at the last minute. When you complete this assignment clearly demarcate your responses by labeling them with the appropriate corresponding part.
When answering questions to do not simply cut and paste answers from the website. Rather read what the website says and summarize the content into your own words. Failure to summarize will result in point deductions.
Part 1: Go to the Office of the Revisor of Statutes ( ) to research state laws and statutes. Below the wording Office of the Revisor of Statutes” are two dialogue boxes. In the first you input the specific statute number. In the second you indicate if the number relates to a statute, law, rule, or bill. The default is statute.
1) Research Minn. Stat. 626.8455. What is the general intent of this statute? What is the requirement regarding children?
2) Research Minn. Stat. 626.556 and Minn. Stat. 626.557. What does these statute say regarding officer reporting requirements relative to incidents of maltreatment neglect, orphysical or sexual abuse of minors and vulnerable adults and prenatal exposure to controlledsubstances?
Part 2:Go to the Minnesota House Research Department website:…
Answer the following questions.
1) What is the objective of the juvenile court for minors who commit unlawful acts?
2) Identify and provide a summary of the categories of juvenile offenders?
3) What options does the course have for disposition, treatment, and placement of juvenile offenders?
Part 3:Go to the Minnesota Judicial Branch Website on juvenile delinquency:…
Use the tabs below the paragraph on Juvenile Delinquency to answer the following questions.
1) What is a Juvenile Delinquency Matter?
2) What access does the public have to a juvenile delinquency case?
3) Summarize the court process when a prosecutor files a petition regarding and alleged charge against a juvenile.
4) Describe the general process to certify a minor as an adult.
Part 4:Go to the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office website on Juvenile prosecution:…
Answer the following questions.
1) Summarize the philosophy of the juvenile justice system. In Minnesota at what age can children fall under the jurisdiction of juvenile court?
2) Summarize the explanation of adjudication and disposition.
3) Summarize adult certification or juveniles tried in adult criminal court.
4) Summarize diversion.
5) Summarize victims’ rights.
Part 5: Go to the Minnesota Management and Budget website on Juvenile Justice Findings:
Answer the following question.
1) This website provides a summary of findings (or lack of findings) for various Juvenile Justice Services. Of most interest are services that are proven to be effective and proven to have no effect on producing positive outcomes for juvenile offenders. Explore the proven and no-effect findings. What types of services are effective and what services are not effective?
Part 6: Go to the Juvenile Justice Geography, Policy, Practice & Statistics Website on Minnesota Juvenile Justice:
The top of the webpage provides several longitudinal data on juvenile justice in Minnesota compared to the United State. Study these figures. Note the Green represents Minnesota, and the dashed line represents the United States. If you scroll over the figures, you can see specific data details.
1) Overall, how does Minnesota Juvenile Justice compare to the national averages?
2) What are the two areas where Minnesota consistently performs above the national average?
3) Scroll down to Racial/Ethnic fairness. What does this data tell you regarding racial/ethnic fairness in juvenile justice in Minnesota? NOTE: The green line refers to non-Hispanic Whites.
a. Click on the State Details tab/button. Study the estimated Populations and Monitoring data on this page. What more can you conclude or add to your understanding of racial/ethnic fairness in juvenile justice in Minnesota?
Part 7: Kare 11 Investigates: Juvenile Justice: Failing Victims, Failing Kids…
Watch the video (a little over 22 minutes). Summarize the problems in the Juvenile Justice System the news report addresses? Write one substantive paragraph (4-6 sentences).
Requirements: 500 words

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