Sports Management Question

sports management question and need guidance to help me learn.

This Is Sports event and event class and i have this discussion board that i need help with :
Following our class discussion on venue operations, it is timely to give further consideration to the array of responsibilities, assignments and details that were covered and their respective and collective impact on different sports events. For this discussion post, you are asked to identify the sport or a specific sports event that you believe is most reliant on venue operations performing at its highest-possible standard.
In your post, you should include the following:
The sport or sports event along with any relevant or helpful descriptive details
Examples of at least two and no more than four venue operations procedures or practices that support your position including a brief description of their importance
A specific venue that you believe displays superior venue operations for the sport or sports event you have selected including a brief summary supporting your choice of venue
Additional research from our course textbooks and/or other sources is encouraged. In-text citations using APA format are welcome. A list of references should be added at the end of your post.
Your post should be no longer than 400 words.
Requirements: 1p

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