Surveillance can be either covert or overt. Describe two different…

Surveillance can be either covert or overt. Describe two different scenarios where overt and covert surveillance can be employed as a means to disrupt crime, evidence collection, or intelligence gathering. Discuss the advantages and limitations of the surveillance method used for each scenario.
Answer the question by explaining the following points as much as possible
1. Explain what is law enforcement intelligence and how it differs from national intelligence
2. Explain the process of intelligence cycle.
3. Explain methods of data collection and different sources used for information collection in law enforcement/investigation.
4. Use intelligence evaluation systems to judge the credibility and authenticity of information collected.
5. Identify and explain how to use special investigative techniques in investigations
6. Analyze information using the information retrieved from the IM system.
7. Elaborate the case management system. 8. Explain the meaning and significance of criminal intelligence

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